We left a surprise in someone’s fridge..

We do not condone smoking (and this belonged to some guy at the pub), but we do fully support attaching googly eyes to things that could potentially look like faces!

Can’t tell if this looks creepy or not..

(Source: chalk-it-up)

Eyes should be a thing.We’re gonna make eyes a thing. We gave a bench eyes.

Hello again!

Sorry we disappeared for so long, we’ve now graduated and entered the big wide world.. I even used the word mortgage today. 

This grown-up business is by no means the end of our casual graffiti, we have some new ideas in some new locations for you!

We’ve also added a submit button so if you’re having a boring summer, then make your town a bit more interesting (in a non-permanent, legal way) and show us the results :D

Gullible - Look up

Written on the underside of a Bridge, but can anybody Identify it or seen it?

Welcome to Nobody Cares -population 7 billion 

Dear Maths: I am tired of trying to find your “x”, Just accept the fact she’s gone and Move On!